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Three Rivers Timebank

Skills list example

Skills Document – things that you have experience doing
(Modified from Gibson-Graham Portrait of Gifts)


Health, companionship and other ways of helping each other out

o  Caring for elderly people

o  Working with people with mental illnesses

o  Working with people with physical or intellectual disabilities

o  Running errands, shopping or driving someone who needs transportation

o  Listening to or giving support to someone who needs to talk about their problems

o  Helping a person or a family with medical problems

o  Companionship - visiting or calling the “home bound” or the lonely

o  Caring for the sick

o  Taking meals to people who are unwell

o  Health advice

o  Yoga

o  Reflexology

o  Chatting about politics/interesting topics

o  Supporting others in the Timebank. Helping someone with their trades.

o  Child care


Language and writing


o  Ability to speak another language (please specify)

o  Ability to understand another language (please specify)

o  Ability to read another language (please specify)

o  Ability to write in another language (please specify)

o  Interpreter

o  Proof-reading/ editing

o  Research and writing

Getting around

o  Driving a car

o  Driving a bus

o  Driving a commercial truck

o  Driving a bus

o  Backing a trailer/caravan

o  Furniture removal

o  Driving lessons


Mechanical and electrical skills

o  Repairing small appliances (e.g. TV, toaster)

o  Repairing major appliances (e.g. washing machine, refrigerator)

o  Repairing lawnmowers/small engines

o  Mechanic - repairing motor vehicles

o  Other mechanical skills

o  Electrical skills

o  Bike maintenance

Working with young people

o  Organizing games/activities for children or teenagers

o  Involvement with sports teams

o  Reading or storytelling to children

o  Tutoring school subjects


Computer skills

o  Specific programs you’re familiar with:

o  Word processing

o  Data entry

o  Computer programming

o  Website design and development

o  Emails

o  Social networking


Organizational skills

o  Event organization

o  Fundraising experience

o  Filing

o  Media skills, e.g. writing press releases

Getting your hands dirty

o  Lawn mowing

o  Gardening

o  Landscape design

o  Garden watering

o  Permaculture

Mentoring and advice

o  Election advice

o  Mentoring people in local government

o  Mentoring people applying for jobs

o  CV advice

o  Budgeting and money management

o  Funding applications

o  Other (please specify)




Arts, crafts, music and design

o  Drawing or painting

o  Sculpture

o  Ceramics and pottery

o  Leatherwork

o  Knitting or crocheting

o  Patchwork, quilting or needlework

o  Teach an instrument (please specify)

o  Creative writing

o  Poster making

o  Graphic design

o  Fashion

o  Sewing/dressmaking/tailoring

o  Jewellery design/making


Administration/ office skills

o  Writing letters

o  Filing or typing

o  Transcribing

o  Translations (specify languages)

o  Making a budget

o  Record-keeping

o  Filling out forms

o  Answering phones and taking messages

o  Writing business reports

o  Bookkeeping or accounting


All things food related

o  Baking

o  Cooking

o  Bartending

o  Cake decoration

o  Meal preparation for large groups

o  Washing dishes for large groups

o  Menu planning

o  Clearing/setting tables

o  Operating commercial food preparation equipment

o  Preserving


Theatre, film and photography

o  Theatre directing/production/props

o  Acting

o  Dancing

o  Singing

o  Play an instrument (please specify)

o  Photography

o  Videoing/ documentary


Household chores

o  General household cleaning

o  Gutter cleaning

o  Washing windows

o  Cleaning carpets

o  Rearranging furniture or equipment

o  Fixing leaky taps

o  Cutting firewood

o  Interior decorating

o  Washing and cleaning cars


Construction and maintenance

o  House painting

o  Wallpapering

o  Tile work

o  Plastering

o  Concrete

o  Bricklaying

o  Plumbing

o  Insulation

o  Floor covering

o  Cabinet making or furniture making



o  Pet feeding and walking

o  Grooming

o  Training Assistance


Things that Kids can do

o  Running Errands

o  Lawn mowing



o  Hairdressing

o  Certified swimming instructor

o  Moving furniture/ Assisting with moving house